TSP Advantage is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT web site designed specifically to serve Federal Civil Servants and U.S. Military personnel participating in the Thrift Savings Plan.

The founding organization of TSP Advantage is Relevant Investments, LLC which was launched in 2012 to serve 401k, IRA, and Thrift Savings Plan investors as a subscription based monthly newsletter to help conservative investors make sound investment decisions.

Over the past nearly 4 years I’ve learned 3 important lessons:

1) While all investors want to avoid catastrophic losses, many want to make their own informed decisions, based on facts and data, incorporating their own unique tolerance for risk.

2) Serving 401k and IRA clients is much more labor intensive due to the vastly different investment options they have to choose from.

3) My Thrift Savings Plan subscribers were my best ambassadors for spreading the word to the private sector.

Based on these lessons learned I have launched a new strategic plan:

TSP Advantage will expand its scope by providing actionable information for both Low and Moderate risk investors.

The TSP Advantage website charts and analysis will be updated monthly and will be open to the public.

TSP Advantage will make monthly posts on the TSPcenter.com blog with the latest TSP Fund charts and analysis.

TSP participants that do not have the time or inclination to visit TSPadvantage.org and/or TSPcenter.com on a regular basis can choose to receive monthly e-mail updates simply by making a tax deductible donation to one of my sponsored charities.

The annual charitable donation provides me with a tool to manage the newsletter program. Without this filter the e-mail list could easily grow out of control.

Relevant Investments, LLC is in the process of being redesigned at a higher price point to provide individualized analysis of 401k and IRA options for the private sector investor.